Our Core Mission:

  • To provide the highest quality dental care in the Gallatin Valley while exceeding our patients’ expectations.

Our Core Values:

  • We create an environment that exudes the most positive experience for our team and our patients.
  • We continually learn, improve, evolve and adapt in our practice and ourselves.
  • We provide superior comprehensive care, while building personal connections based on trust, integrity, and honesty.
  • We understand that optimal dental health is a collaboration between our team and each individual patient.
  • Each team member enjoys happiness and balance in their lives.

We do this by:

  • Valuing strong personal connections at home and at work.
  • Taking the time to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Gaining spiritual fulfillment in our daily routines.
  • Ending each day at work and at home with a sense of
    accomplishment and achievement.

Types of Dental Practices

Many people think all dental offices are the same.  There are actually four types:

1. Comprehensive Dental Care and Prevention

  • The type of dental care in this practice is dedicated to optimal oral health.  Restoring natural teeth to ideal comfort, function, esthetics and longevity are its purpose.  With help of a comprehensive exam, goals are set to create a Master Plan for maximum protection and preservation of each patient’s oral health.  The three tiers of health are addressed:  gum disease, tooth disease (cavities and cracks), and occlusal (bite) disease.  Good daily oral hygiene habits and regularly scheduled professional examinations and oral hygiene appointments to prevent decay and gum disease are crucial to optimal health.

2. Maintenance Dentistry

  • The quality of care in this type of practice is good and can be effective, although comprehensive care as described above is either not emphasized by the dentist or chosen by the patient.  Usually maintenance dentistry is intermediate dentistry including larger tooth colored fillings which typically have a shorter lifespan than crowns and conservative partial crowns.  Maintenance dentistry utilizes removable partial dentures rather than implants or fixed bridges.

3. Repair Focused Practice

  • In this type of practice, no long term thought is given to either prevention of decay, gum disease or occlusion (bite) related problems.  Teeth are filled as they break and when the gums bleed badly enough, the patients have their teeth cleaned.  This represents a large percentage of the dental practices in America today.  Interestingly, patients in this type of practice are often unaware that dentistry can offer them much more and can play a vital role in their dental and overall health.

4. Emergency/Limited Care Practice

  • In this type of practice, patients are seen only for emergency treatment or limited care.  The majority of patients in this type of practice lose all or most of their teeth, usually by the age of 35-50, depending on their heredity, eating habits and oral hygiene habits.

Our Dental Practice

At James Bond Family Dentistry, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our patients.  We value developing a mutual respect with each of the patients we serve.  We work to educate our patients so that together we can make informed oral health care decisions.  Because of this, our practice is designed to provide the care described in types 1 and 2.  In this way we enjoy our profession knowing provide a superior service for our patients.