Smile Gallery

By James Bond DMD

Patient #1

This patient always wanted a pretty smile and straight teeth.  After orthodontics were not a possibility, the patient and Dr. Bond reviewed her goals and desires, as well as barriers to a successful outcome.



Patient #1

Patient #1 Final

Conservatively placed porcelain veneers were utilized

A Happy Patient #1

The patient expressed to us that she can now smile again!  She was very happy to know that a beautiful smile was possible for her.


Patient #1 Side View

Patient #2

This young lady just completed orthodontics and needed treatment for her congenitally small teeth.  She was too young for porcelain restorations and it was decided that composite bonding would be best for her.

Patient #2 Final

Both the patient and mom were very happy with the outcome and amazed at how much of a change it made to her smile. 

Patient #2 Full Smile

The patient was so happy to have a “new” smile!

Patient #3

This patient had a severe phobia of the dental drill and requested as minimal treatment as possible, although she wanted to fix her grinding pattern on her tooth.

Patient #3

Composite bonding is a quick, painless procedure that enhanced her smile and removed the grinding marks.