Same Day Crowns in Bozeman, MT

Cerec – Same Day Crowns in Bozeman

We know how important your oral health is for you. However, we also know that your time is equally important. Here at James Bond Family Dentistry, a Bozeman dentist, we aim to provide patients with efficient dental crowns and more conservative onlays in the shortest time possible. This is now achievable through the use of the latest in dental technology: CEREC dentistry.  The CEREC is a digital impression and milling process that allows all ceramic crowns, veneers, implant crowns and bridges to be milled and restored into the patient’s mouth in one day.  It uses CAD/CAM, or “Computer-Aided Design” and “Computer-Aided Manufacturing” technology, in order to create the patient’s dental crown in one appointment with the dentist. Dr. James Bond offers dental crowns through the use of the CEREC dentistry technology in order to provide his clients with the best in dentistry in Bozeman!

CEREC is one of the most technologically advanced devices in the field of dentistry today! Instead of wearing a temporary crown for weeks (which also means no second shot), we deliver the care in the same appointment. Without the need for impression material, your tooth is digitally scanned by a computer, and then Dr. Bond digitally creates your restoration that will be milled to completion. The crown is then cemented before the anesthesia (numbness) even wears off.